Tips for Traveling During the Holidays

Tips for Traveling During the Holidays

Traveling to Siesta Key during the holiday season can be a wonderful experience for all ages of travelers.  The Greater Sarasota area has many holiday events throughout December, plus the weather is usually far milder than most of the U.S.  If you are planning to visit Siesta Key during the holidays, here are some tips to make your stay more enjoyable.

Always Be Prepared

Whether you are driving or taking a flight, the more you are prepared for any circumstance, the less stressed you will be.  It is always good to pack snacks, water, games, reading materials, etc. just in case you experience delays.  We can’t stress it enough – always plan ahead for the worst and be thankful when things go well.

Book Your Accommodations in Advance

Siesta Key is always a popular destination and the holiday season is no exception.  It is wise to book your accommodations well in advance.  If you are tired of high-priced, overcrowded hotels, try Siesta Key Island Rentals for the best in professionally managed properties and units.

Take Early Flights

There is always a chance for cancellations or delays if you fly, but the earlier you depart, the better chances that your flight will be on schedule.  Hence, the later you depart, the greater the chances you may experience some sort of delay.

Avoid Connections if Possible

Having connections may save you a few dollars but extra stops along the way increase your chances of delays or cancellations.

Consider Flying on the Holiday to Save Money

Flying on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve can save you significant money, plus there is usually more availability.  Many families are beginning to celebrate the day after the holiday so that loved ones can save money by traveling on the holiday.

Travel with Just a Carry-On

Besides being cheaper and faster, especially during the busy holiday season, it’s also one less thing to worry about.  No waiting to check a bag and standing around at baggage claim.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about the airline losing your bag.  Forcing yourself to pack everything in a carry-on eliminates the excess items you probably won’t use anyway.

Ship Your Holiday Presents

In many cases, it’s easier, and cheaper, to ship packages to your final destination rather than lugging them around an airport where they could get lost or damaged.  If shipping isn’t an option, there’s always cash or gift cards.

Get Your Car Inspected Before Driving

Traveling during the winter months is no picnic.  The last thing you want is to be broken down along a highway.  Get a tune-up before you go and have your car thoroughly inspected by a qualified mechanic.  It will be cheaper, and a lot less stressful, than having something go wrong while traveling.

Make Restaurant Reservations

Making reservations is a wise idea during the holidays.  The last thing you want to do is to waste time waiting for a table to open, or look for another place because the wait is too long.  Holiday travel requires planning, and dining while traveling or at your destination needs to be planned in advance.

Book Rental Cars in Advance

Finding a rental car at the last minute can be very difficult, and very expensive.  Book as far out as you can to get the best deals and choice of car types.

Pack Appropriate Attire

Florida weather can vary, especially in December, when it can be chilly one day and quite warm by the weekend.  Check the weather forecast before you go.  Most likely, you will need to bring both beachwear and some warmer layers for the evenings.

Try some Water Activities

There are not many other places in America where you can watch a holiday show at night and enjoy water sports like swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding the next morning.  Be sure to send some selfies to your friends up north too!  Yes, they’ll be jealous, but maybe they’ll decide to join you next year.

Relax and Enjoy Your Surroundings

There’s always a risk of trying to cram too many holiday activities into your stay.  Make sure you carve out some time to unwind.  Siesta Key is known for its relaxed atmosphere, so take a nap on a white, sandy beach, enjoy an amazing sunset, or just go for a leisurely walk and enjoy the scenic beauty around the island.

Siesta Key becomes a magical place during the holidays.  Planning is always the key to traveling and it’s no different here.  Follow these guidelines and you will have a great holiday experience.  It might become an annual tradition for you and your friends and family.

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