Tips to Help You Sleep Better While on Vacation

Tips to Help You Sleep Better While on Vacation

Many people don’t understand travel insomnia until it hits them on their long-awaited trip.  Unfortunately, travel insomnia can ruin your vacation, as well as those that are traveling with you.  Everyone needs sleep, especially on vacation, but what do you do when your sleep patterns are completely mixed up?  This article will give you our best tips to help you sleep better while on vacation.

Make a Plan Before You Go

Many people experience travel insomnia when traveling to another time zone.  Get ready for this time change by moving your bedtime an hour later or earlier, depending on your destination.  Add or subtract another hour on the second day and a third hour on the third day.  Generally speaking, it takes one day per time zone for your body to adjust.

Sleep Accessories Help

Investing in some sleep products like black-out masks and earplugs are accessories that help you block out the outside world and help you fall asleep faster.  Used to white noise?  Bring along a sound machine that plays relaxing white noise sounds.  Also, make sure you pack a pair of comfortable pajamas and a warm blanket, these accessories will help ensure you sleep better while on vacation.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Excess caffeine and alcohol can really mess up your body’s settings.  We get it, you’re away and enjoying yourself – but staying within a reasonable limit will help your body sleep better while on vacation.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Try to eat healthy while traveling and avoid heavy meals.  Try limiting your amount of sugar intake as well.  Eating fruits and vegetables will help your body function better.  Also, make sure to drink lots of water.

Avoid Staring at Your Device for Long Periods of Time

Blue lights from phones, laptops, and television screens can signal your brain to stay awake.  It is advisable to stay away from all types of screens for at least an hour before going to sleep.

Avoid Using Your Bed as a Work Area

You are in a new environment.  Don’t confuse your brain even more by associating the bed with other things than going to sleep.  If you must work in your hotel room, try working at a chair or desk and leave your bed to sleep.

Try to Book a Quiet Room

Whenever possible, try to book a room away from elevators, pools, or public spaces.  Rooms near these common areas can get quite noisy and it may not be possible to move once you are there if the other rooms are booked up.

Try to Keep a Level of Consistency

Try to stay on the same schedule that you do at home.  If you always sleep on the left side of the bed at home, stay there when traveling.  If you always have a cup of tea before bed, do the same while on vacation.  While it may not always be possible, the more you stay in your normal routine, the more your body will keep to its normal sleep patterns.

Getting a good night's sleep while traveling can be challenging, but it is one of the most important things that will determine an enjoyable time away from home.  The above tips will help you get a better sleep, and have a refreshed body as well as a clear mind – so you can enjoy your waking hours that much more.

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