A Guide for Traveling With Children

A Guide for Traveling With Children

Nothing is more enjoyable than family vacations.  However, the thought of traveling with children can also be stressful to many parents.  There’s no way to predict how children will react in certain situations and if something can go wrong, it probably will.  That doesn’t mean parents have to worry the entire time either.  Where’s the fun in that?  By following this guide, you can take some of the anxiety out of a family vacation and spend more time enjoying the vacation.

Stay Calm

Yes, things will happen.  Flights get delayed, the weather turns bad and items can be lost.  Getting upset about things beyond your control can ruin everyone’s day or even week.  Take a deep breath and laugh it off.  If your kids see that you’re not upset, chances are they will follow your lead.

Have Snacks Handy

Trust us, everything’s better when there are snacks  Nothing turns a happy kid into a temperamental child than one that’s hungry and there’s nothing to eat or drink.  There isn’t always going to be a place to stop when those hunger pangs startup, so snacks can be lifesavers for children.  Of course, spouses can get irritable too, so make sure you pack enough snacks for every adult member as well. 

Slow Down

Everything takes longer with children.  Rushing through airports or hotel lobbies will just lead to frustration.  Keep a slow, steady pace.  Arriving at your destination calm, cool, and collected will set the tone for the entire trip.  If you are traveling with children by plane, choose a longer layover instead of having to rush directly onto the flight.

Schedule Plenty of Play Time

Kids get restless and want to play.  Parents can easily overpack the day with undertakings that will bore small children.  Remember to pack games they enjoy, especially when traveling or when rainy days occur.  Many hotels have playgrounds and swimming pools.  Be sure to schedule time so your kids can enjoy these accommodations.

Prepare in Advance for Motion Sickness

When you are traveling with children, remember, that kids can get motion sickness quickly, so plan in advance for vomit messes.  Keep paper towels, pre-moistened wipes, and some gallon zipper bags handy at all times.  Be sure to have extra clothes and shoes nearby too.  The smell of barf isn’t something that your family, and fellow travelers, will want to smell for an extended time.

Load Up Their Favorite Movies and Shows on Your Mobile Devices

Nothing entertains most kids like watching entertainment.  While many parents try to limit the amount of time their children stare at a screen, traveling is one of those times to make an exception.  It will keep the child happy and their focus away from the boredom of traveling.  Be sure to pack separate headphones/earbuds for each child in your party.

Rent a Place to Stay with a Kitchen

Not only can a family save a lot of money by preparing meals at the hotel, but you know your child’s favorite dishes.  Kids can be finicky, especially in restaurants where they may not be familiar with the menu.  Also, by preparing your own meals, you know that your family is getting the nutrition they need to keep their energy up.

Keep Track of Your Children

A GPS tracking device is a sound investment when traveling.  These devices attach to your child’s wrist or bag and can be followed along on an app.  It brings peace of mind to parents and it could save your child’s life.

Stick to a Routine Whenever Possible

Routines are important, especially for younger children.  Keeping habits, like regular bedtimes and reading to your child before they fall asleep helps smaller children feel safe and more comfortable when traveling to a strange place.

Surprise Them With a New Book or Toy

Nothing grabs a kid’s attention like a gift, even if it’s small or inexpensive.  A new toy or book is new and exciting in a child’s eyes.  This alone can occupy kids for several hours.

Traveling with children has its share of challenges.  Following this guide will hopefully take some of the anxiety away from parents and allow the kids to better enjoy themselves during those long, tedious travel days.

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