Pack Like a Pro for the Beach

Pack Like a Pro for the Beach

Everyone loves a day at the beach.  What isn’t there to love, especially at the amazing beaches of Siesta Key?  Unfortunately, things can hit a sour note if something is forgotten or the outing isn’t coordinated well.  This vacation, make the most of your time at the beach by being prepared well before you hit the white, sandy beaches of Siesta Key.  In this guide, we’ll help you pack like a pro with great suggestions on what to bring to the beach.

Beach Shade and Cover-ups

Nothing will ruin the day at the beach, as well as the rest of your vacation, like the Florida sun.  Yes, it keeps the weather down here pleasant all year long, but the sun reflects off the white sand and the water to burn your skin much quicker than up north.  The beaches are wide open, so it’s up to each beachgoer to bring their own shade.  Beach umbrellas are a great idea.  They are lightweight, fold up easily, and help keep everyone from getting a really bad sunburn.  Lightweight, inexpensive cover-ups are also recommended to help limit sun exposure.

A Water-Resistant Beach Bag

Invest in a good beach bag and it will last you countless seasons.  It should be lightweight, roomy, and foldable for storing and packing.  A good bag will have a variety of pockets and is big enough to hold several towels, sunscreen, phones, beach toys, etc.  The bag should also be easy to clean at the end of the day.  If you have a large family, you may also want to consider a wheeled bag, especially if you are planning to walk a long distance.

Portable Hand-Held Fan

When there isn’t a breeze blowing, the beach can get oppressive.  A small, battery-powered fan can put out a good breeze.  Make sure every member of the family, especially children and older adults has their own.  Be sure to put in fresh batteries before you head out.  The last thing you want is for the fan to die when you really need it.

Beach Chairs

Think you will be comfortable all day long sitting on the beach with nothing but a towel for padding?  Think again.  The beach is a harder surface than you may realize.  Folding beach chairs are a great investment.  You can find a variety of beach chairs that are lightweight with handy accessories, like built-in pillows and cup holders.

Beach Mat

If beach chairs aren’t an option, do yourself a favor and purchase a beach mat to sit on.  Large towels are bulky and will fill up with sand.  If it’s windy, good luck at keeping the edges of a towel down.  Beach mats are lightweight and fold up to fit nearly anywhere.  They are also quick drying.  Be sure to get a beach mat that has sand weights on the edges so it won’t blow away

A Cooler Bag

Not all beaches have food and drink handy to purchase.  Even if they do, the prices are going to be on the expensive side.  Staying hydrated is critical at the beach and at some point everyone will get hungry.  A collapsible cooler bag is recommended over a hard cooler because they are easier to wheel around the beach and take up much less space than plastic coolers.  The new cooler bags have thick insulation so they will hold plenty of food and beverages.

Lightweight Towels

Quick-dry towels are a must for the beach and we recommend at least one for every member of your group.  These are handy replacements for large, heavy towels and they don’t take up near as much room in your beach bag.

Beach Games & Toys for the Kids

If you are planning to spend the day at the beach, you better have some activities for the kids (and bored husbands), otherwise, the time will start to drag.  Make sure you have age-appropriate games and toys for every child.  Plastic buckets and shovels are perfect for young kids.  For older children and teens, games like corn hole, Frisbee, and football are always good choices.

Power Bank and Charging Cords

Although we don’t recommend spending your beach time with your phone glued to your ear, it is important to make sure you can be contacted in case of an emergency.  With a power bank and the proper cords, you can make sure that everyone’s phone stays charged just in case they need to use it.

Beach Checklist

The above list includes things many people don’t think of when visiting the beach.  The below list is more standard items that can be overlooked from time to time:

Sun hat

Lip balm

Flip flops

Mesh slip-on water shoes

Bathing suits


Float straps for electronic devices

Zippered plastic bags

Waterproof phone case

First aid kit

Trash bags

Hand sanitizer


Facial cleaning wipes

Mini hairbrush

Mask & Snorkel

Make sure you modify your final list to your specific needs.  Hopefully, this guide will help you pack enough so that you don’t have to worry about anything except having a great time.

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