Simple Travel Hacks for a Better Vacation

Simple Travel Hacks for a Better Vacation

Everyone looks forward to a vacation trip all year long, but sometimes those little things can spoil part of the trip.  Some of those disappointments can be avoided with simple travel hacks that everyone should know about.  Here are our most helpful hacks that can help you make the most out of your next vacation.

Call Your Credit Card Company before Travelling to a Foreign Country

Credit card companies may suspend your account due to suspicious activity when people try to use their cards abroad.  Needless to say, this can ruin a trip in no time.  Make sure to call and let them know where you are travelling to.  This will prevent a suspended call and give you the insurance that your credit cards can be used when needed.

Email Yourself Important Documents

It’s smart to backup your passport, flight info and your identification in case they are lost or stolen during your trip, especially when travelling to a different country.  This may be the most important thing you do to prepare for your trip, especially if something should go wrong and you need to prove who you are.

Chapstick = Emergency Cash

Chapstick containers are just the right size to store rolled-up hidden cash in case you need it.  It’s also small enough to carry anywhere in your luggage or inside your pocket.

Hold More Things With Cargo Pants/Shorts

Why do you see a lot of people wearing cargo shorts or pants in airports?  Because they are in essence, wearable luggage.  You put a lot of items in these extra pockets, plus it keeps valuable belongings on you at all times, like passports, keys and cell phones.

Pack Necklaces and Chains with Drinking Straws

Untangling fine necklaces and chains after a flight is frustrating and a huge waste of time.  The solution is to run the chain through a straw and then clasp it shut.  The straw will keep it from being a tangled mess.

Stop Paying for Airport Water

There may be restrictions for carrying liquid through airports, but you still don’t have to take out a second mortgage to pay ridiculous prices for bottled water.  Bring an empty bottle through security then fill it up at a water fountain and you just saved yourself a good chunk of cash.

Roll, Roll, Roll Your Clothes

Break the habit of folding your clothes and roll them up like a tube instead.  This helps in several ways.  It will allow for more storage in your suitcase and it helps stop wrinkles and creases so you won’t need to iron once you get to your hotel.

Keep Rolled Socks in Your Shoes

Space is always a concern when travelling.  The space inside shoes can be used for socks.  Voila, you just saved some room in your suitcase.

Use a belt to Keep Shirt Collars Looking Good

Dress shirts are one item where rolling them may not be the best idea.  Instead, try inserting a rolled-up belt inside the collar.  It will also keep the collar stiff and looking good, plus it will save on room in your luggage.

Use a Shower Cap to Pack Your Shoes

Because shoes will most likely be the dirtiest thing you put in your suitcase protect your other items by wrapping your shoes in a shower cap.  Just don’t forget to wash the shower cap before you use it again.

Use Tic-Tac Containers to Store Small Items

There are small essential items, like safety pins and hairpins that you may want to take on your trip.  The trouble is, these things are easily lost.  Save your empty Tic-Tac containers through the year and fill them up with these small items the next time you travel.

Transfer Perfume or Cologne to Sample Bottles

Full-size bottles of perfume or cologne take up a lot of room.  By, transferring a small amount to a sample spray bottle, it will take up a fraction of the room and still be plenty for your trip. 

Use Contact Lens Cases for Your Makeup Supplies

Bringing full-sized products like foundation, eye cream and other liquid makeup can be burdensome, especially when tight on space.  Putting these products into contact lens cases will save you a lot of space when travelling.

Use the TV to Charge Your Electronics

We’ve probably all lost or forgotten our chargers while away from home.  Luckily, most TVs now have USB connectors on the back or side.  Plug in your device and sleep peacefully knowing it will be charged in the morning. Things always seem to go wrong at inopportune times, and being on vacation certainly can be considered an inopportune time.  The more you can be prepared, the better off you are.  So the next time you’re planning a trip, try these simple travel hacks for a better, less stressful time

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