Tips for a Great Beach Day

Tips for a Great Beach Day

There are many things to see and do around Sarasota, but the beaches will always be the area’s greatest attraction.  Siesta Key, in particular, is one of the best beaches in the world and known for its white sands and warm water.  Except for a few cold spells in winter, vacationers can enjoy this beautiful paradise throughout the year.  Just like any other excursion, preparing ahead for a day at the beach will ensure that your time there will be filled with good memories and not full of regrets.  Here are our best tips for a great beach day.

Be Considerate

Always remember that the beach is a public area and you are sharing the space with others.  One of the most important tips for a great beach day is to always check which way the wind is blowing.  If you spray sunscreen, will you also be spraying your neighbor?  Also, when you shake your towel, are you showering your fellow sunbather with sand?  How about arriving near others and begin blasting music without asking others if they mind?  Shake your towel or spray your sunscreen away from others.  If you want to listen to music, wear earbuds or headphones.  Being aware of your surroundings and thinking of others makes a huge difference in the enjoyment of everyone.

Purchase Bio-Degradable Sunscreen

There are a lot of sunscreens on the market and many of the cheap ones contain toxic chemicals that can be destructive to coral reefs and the oceanic ecosystem.  Instead, opt for an eco-friendly, biodegradable sunscreen.  These products are better for the environment and probably better for your own skin as well.

Bring a Fitted Sheet if You Have an Infant

Portable cribs can be a nuisance to take to the beach, but a deep-pocketed fitted sheet can be a handy substitute.  Just place heavy objects like coolers and knapsacks on all four corners to keep it upright.  Now you’ve created a sand-free environment for your little one that contains them.

Bring Frozen Water Bottles

Florida beaches can be hot environments so keeping hydrated is critical.  If your water bottles are cold at the beginning of the day, it won’t take long before the water is warm and unappealing.  By freezing your water bottles ahead of time, you double the containers as an icepack to keep your food cold in your cooler.  As the water bottles thaw out, you have ice-cold drinks for your family.

Bring Talcum Powder

Some beaches have no public showers, which means sand will get into your car or hotel room.  Once it gets into the carpet or fabric, it can be impossible to get out.  Sprinkling talcum powder on your arms, feet, and legs helps to dry these areas quickly so the sand comes off easily and stays at the beach where it belongs.

Use Mesh Bags

Speaking of sand, it has a bad habit of not only clinging to your skin but gets into your bags where your personal items are kept.  Another one of our useful tips for a great beach day is to use mesh bags, your contents will be safe but the sand will fall out as you walk back to the car or hotel room. A day at the beach can be filled with fun and fond memories.  Make it even more enjoyable for your family and others by being prepared, being considerate to others, and protecting our environment

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